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Community Cultural Liaison

In an effort to continue our outreach to all segments of our City we have established a Community Cultural Liaison program. This program will provide liaison officers for groups of all race, sex, religion and gender identity.

Community Cultural Liaison

In an effort to continue our outreach to all segments of our City, we have established a Community Cultural Liaison program (CCL).  Specific officers were chosen to serve as special representatives of the department.  These representatives are in place to allow members of the community who feel underserved by law enforcement a direct contact to the SCPD.

All individuals in our community who are seeking specific liaison assistance are encouraged to contact the CCL program.  Our officers are specifically trained to provide appropriate assistance to persons of all Ages, from all National Origins, of any Race or Ethnic Background, Religious Belief or Sexual Orientation, and currently identifying with any LGBTQ or Gender Identity.

Rather than designate officers as liaisons to a particular community or culture, residents will be empowered to choose their own CCL officer based on their personal experiences. The CCL officers represent the various backgrounds and beliefs of the community.

Primary functions of the CCL officers will be to build trust with citizens, address community concerns, and to serve as a representative of the department. CCL officers may even suggest department policy changes or training to assist SCPD staff to better deal with various diverse groups in the community.

The Sioux City Police Department understands the diversity of the community and is committed to ensuring that all members are equally represented and have the same access to all services provided.  Community Cultural Liaisons may be called upon to attend community policing events where specific representation is desired by various community groups or the department. The end goal of this program is to allow a direct channel to the department based on the choice and needs of the citizen.  

You may contact any of the officers through email by clicking on their image.