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Emergency Notifications Will Be Over Several Methods

Emergency Notifications Will Be Over Several Methods

The City of Sioux City, Woodbury County and the joint Emergency Operations Center expect controlled water releases in June and July.   As a precaution and preparatory message, we are informing residents that should an emergency water event occur, the following steps will be taken by Sioux City.


  • Outdoor Emergency Warning Sirens will be utilized to communicate with residents to alert them to tune into local news media.
  • All emergency information will immediately be forwarded to all local media.  Media will also utilize their Emergency Alert System (EAS).
  • Send emergency crews (Fire & Police) into neighborhoods to communicate with residents.
  • For significant issues, EAS and Weather radio will be employed.
  • Will work with Sioux City Schools to use the parent alert system to notify impacted areas.


The City of Sioux City will use all resources available to inform the public of any unanticipated emergency events.

To hear the different sirens used for emergency weather events, check out the vidoe at the following link. 


Sioux City Police Department

601 Douglas St.
Sioux City, IA 51101

phone: 712-279-6440
fax: 712-279-6148

To Report a Non-Emergency Crime or Accident

Victim Advocacy Program or 
Council on Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence
Contact the Victim Assistance Coordinator
at 712-279-6398 or 
the Council's web site.


Project Lifesaver is a project
that provides a tracking system
to locate individuals who have
the tendency to wander and become lost.

Project Lifesaver International

or contact Rita Donnelly 712-279-6424