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Intoxicated Man Arrested After Floating In Flooded River

On June 2, 2011 the Sioux City Police Department was called to assist the Coast Guard with an individual floating on a “raft” on the Missouri River. Robert Shreeves, 40 of Sioux City, was floating on an inflatable pool down the river. He was assisted to the public boat ramp by the Coast Guard.

SCPD officers on scene found that Shreeves was intoxicated and had cans of beer in his make-shift raft. Shreeves reported that he had lost his raft upstream and decided to use the pool instead. He was arrested for public intoxication and refused chemical testing to determine his blood alcohol content.

The SCPD wants to warn people against boating on the river or entering flood waters.

Officer Jeremy McClure said that “with the high water levels, currents have become stronger and more unpredictable. It is extremely hazardous to be on or in the river at this time.”

People wading in the flood waters risk exposure to chemicals, disease, trash, and unseen hazards below the surface of the water.

The Centers for Disease Control has published precautions to use when dealing with flood damage and dangerous flooded areas pose at the following link.



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