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Fraud Alert for Wells Fargo Customers

October 4, 2011 at 8:00 pm CDT - The Sioux City Police Department has been receiving calls from citizens in regards to phone and internet solicitations from individuals that claim to be with Wells Fargo Bank. These calls are often automated and initially advise that the card holder’s credit card will be shut down. The call recipient is then directed through a menu and asked to provide a credit card number. As a result we have contacted Wells Fargo Directly and they are aware of ongoing fraud being perpetrated against Wells Fargo Customers. They also confirmed that they would never contact and ask customers to provide personal information or card numbers over the phone.

The Sioux City Police Department advises citizens to be cautious when contacted from unavailable phone numbers. Credit card customers should never provide their personal information to unknown calls or contact of a suspicious nature. These calls are usually for the purposes of obtaining sensitive information such as social security numbers of credit card numbers. The suspects then utilize or sell this information for financial gain. Please take the opportunity to review all credit card statements carefully and report suspicious solicitations to the police department.

If you received this call, please do NOT call to report it unless you have lost money to this scam. Our Comm Center is being over whelmed with reports of people receiving this call.  


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