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Forms for Download

The following are PDF files of frequently requested forms. Instructions are included on how to complete the form and where to submit it.

Download this file (Alarm Permit Application 11212012.pdf)Alarm Permit[Permit for installing and operating a security alarm system in a building.]68 Kb
Download this file (Bow Hunting City Limits.pdf)Hunting In City Limits Request[This document provides instructions on how to obtain permission to bow hunt within city limits. ]127 Kb
Download this file (ID Theft.pdf)Identity Theft Prevention[Information on protecting your identity and what to do if it is stolen. ]449 Kb
Download this file (Lock-in Registration Form & Release 2016.pdf)Lock-in Registration Form & Release 2016.pdf[Lock In registration & Release]100 Kb
Download this file (Sound Permit.pdf)Sound Permit[This form is used to request a sound permit for an event. It includes instructions on obtaining the permit and restrictions. ]262 Kb
Download this file (Survive Lock-In 2016.pdf)Survive Lock-In 2016.pdf[Survive the Lock In 2016]396 Kb
Download this file (Voluntary Witness Statement.pdf)Witness Statement[Complete this form to detail an incident you wish to report to police. ]78 Kb
Download this file (Winter Driving Tips and Accidents.pdf)Winter Driving Tips and Accidents.pdf[Information on winter driving and what to do if you are in an accident. ]295 Kb

Sioux City Police Department

601 Douglas St.
Sioux City, IA 51101

phone: 712-279-6440
fax: 712-279-6148

To Report a Non-Emergency Crime or Accident

Victim Advocacy Program or 
Council on Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence
Contact the Victim Assistance Coordinator
at 712-279-6398 or 
the Council's web site.


Project Lifesaver is a project
that provides a tracking system
to locate individuals who have
the tendency to wander and become lost.

Project Lifesaver International

or contact Rita Donnelly 712-279-6424