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Updated Press Release Reference Snow Emergency

Lisa Claeys

The City of Sioux City has declared a Snow Emergency effective this morning at 0700 hrs. This declaration means that odd even parking restrictions are in place throughout the city not simply the Snow Emergency Routes. The Sioux City Police Department has been directed to issue parking citations to those not in compliance with the odd/even parking restrictions effective immediately.


The purpose of the parking restrictions is to facilitate the efficient clearing of snow from curb line to curb line on all city streets. The parking restrictions will remain in effect until the declaration is rescinded. The police department asks that all motorist do their best to remove vehicles from the appropriate side of the street during this declaration to avoid having to ticket or tow those vehicles.


As a reminder the Snow Emergency Declaration states that vehicles need to be parked on the odd or even side of the street as it relates to the date. As an example; today is January 24th and parking is allowed only on the side of the street with even addresses. All other parking restrictions which normally prohibit parking in an area remain in effect. Switching from odd/even parking occurs at 0700 hrs. (7 a.m.).


In addition, if and when 2 or more inches of snow accumulation occurs, there will be no parking allowed on either side of designated Snow Emergency Routes marked with the appropriate sign. It is anticipated that towing of vehicles parked on the Snow Emergency Routes will begin once two inches of snow accumulates.


Again, the Sioux City Police Department would like to gain as much voluntary compliance with the declaration as possible to avoid having to ticket or tow vehicles.


Maps of the city streets marked as Designated Emergency Snow Routes as well as the ordinances related to parking during a Snow Emergency Declaration can be found on the city’s website. 


Roads are already slick, please do not travel unless absolutely necessary.