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The Uniform Service Bureau is the primary service delivery component of the Sioux City Police Department. For that reason, the majority of sworn officer positions are assigned to this bureau with most assignments to regular patrol duties.

The Uniform Services Bureau is organized into three watches and uses a district/beat management system to promote officer familiarization with the citizens, businesses, and neighborhood activities. Under this system, the city is divided up into nine districts. District boundaries are drawn based upon a number of factors including, but not limited to population, number of calls for service, and type of calls for service. A sergeant oversees a team of officers permanently assigned to a number of districts. A minimum of one officer patrols each district throughout a watch and has at his/her disposal the support of back-up officers, team sergeants, command staff, and specialized units as necessary to meet
the needs of individual situations that arise. Each shift has three teams and is commanded by a Lieutenant.  While two teams have permanent assignments, the third team is the “swing team”. They are used to fill districts when the permanent team has days off. This methodology allows
a connection to develop between the officers and the citizens they serve.

Patrol Contacts

Captain - Mark Kirkpatrick