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Lt. Pat McCann

Lt. Pat McCann

The Records Section is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including all holidays. The staff consists of eight full-time and three part-time records technicians. Lt. Pat McCann is the Records Section commander, and Lisa Cote is the Lead Records Tech. Records Section personnel enter police reports, arrest histories, and abandoned vehicle information into the Department’s data base. Records technicians also verify and then transmit traffic accident reports and citation into the state system. In addition to the entry of reports, technicians also take reports involving accidents, incident reports without suspects that are mostly reported for insurance purposes, process fingerprint cards for the Woodbury County Jail and the Iowa Department of Criminal Investigation and assist the media. Since the records room is staffed 365 days a year, the staff must be prepared to respond to a wide variety of citizen needs.

Records Section Contact Information

601 Douglas

Sioux City, Iowa


Where can I obtain a copy of my incident report?

The customer service window of the Records Section in the lobby of the Police/Fire Headquarters is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to provide this service in addition to taking reports related to minor incidents.

Lisa Cote - Lead Records Tech

Lisa Cote - Lead Records Tech

A public information copy of an Incident Report is available for $10.

Other forms that are available include:

  • Criminal History Reports for Woodbury County arrests $10 (Requestor must provide exact name, date of birth, and social security number of individual)

  • Accident Reports $10

  • Driver Exchange Reports for accidents are free of charge.

Can the police department provide me the name of another party’s insurance company following an accident?

Yes. Officers collect this information routinely during traffic accident investigations.

How do I recover my impounded vehicle?

Vehicles impounded due to abandonment are immediately assessed a $35 fee. Payment may be made 24 hours a day (by cash, check, or credit card) at the Customer Service Window of Police Headquarters. After making payment and providing a photo identification, a release form will be provided to the owner to claim the car from the impound. Vehicles impounded in relation to an arrest may be claimed in the same manner at no charge during the first 10 days of impoundment. After 10 days have passed, a $35 charge is imposed. Reminder: in addition to photo identification, proof of insurance, license, title, registration, and a valid driver’s license are required to lawfully operate a motor vehicle. 

Supervisor - Lieutenant Pat McCann