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Telecommunications Unit

Telecommunications Unit (TCU)

In 2009, The City of Sioux City installed “red light cameras” at eight intersections. In 2010 they increased the number of intersections to nine, monitoring eleven approaches. In July 2011, two portable speed trailers were added to monitor speeding on I29 during the five year reconstruction. This photo enforcement system monitors the intersection and interstate recording activity and issuing civil offense traffic tickets to those vehicles which violate a red light or drive in excess of the speed limit. The violations are mailed to the vehicle owner. The owner has the right to meet and interact with a designated officer to view and/or appeal the redlight violation.
The TeleCommunications Unit (TCU) consists of one officer and one Sergeant. Sgt. Mike Manthorne currently oversees the unit. These officers oversee the department’s photo enforcement efforts. Additionally, this unit monitors and maintains the in-car mobile data computersand other necessary technology.

Telecommunications/Redflex Contacts

Captain - Mark Kirkpatrick

Sergeant Jay Hoogendyk

Officer Marc Hein