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Award Winners

Award Winners


2018 Officer of the Year: Heather Albrecht                   

2018 Civilian of the Year: Rita Donnelly

Achievement Award: Lt. Chris Groves                                                                                           

Chief’s Appreciation Award: Erin Binnabose, Megan Juhnke, Jessica Troubaugh, Melissa Hoogendyk, Angie Moritz, MaryLee Simoni, Jeff Krejci, John Nash, Elizabeth Newton, Evan Lagore, and Charlotte Gorter

Exceptional Duty Award: Sgt. Dane Wagner, Shawn Robinson, Dylan Grimsley, Alan Schmeckpeper, Nathan Niehus, Lt. John Horton, Lt. Patrick McCann, and Marc Hein                  

Lifesaving Award: Tyler Hemingson, and Lucas Petersen                                   

Volunteer Award: Brad Gorter and Kelcey Stubbe


2017 Officer of the Year: Bill Nice                     

2017 Civilian of the Year: Lisa Cote

Achievement Award: Jason Braunschweig, Lt. Brad Bollinger, Sgt. Steve TenNapel,              

Chief’s Commendation Award: Aaron Lisle and Capt. Mark Kirkpatrick

Community Policing Award: Rich Little, Allen Jensen, Sgt. Jason Allen, Raul Gonzalez, Brooke Davies, Sgt. Terry Ivener, Kevin McCormick,        Lt. Brad Bollinger, and Lt. Kevin Heineman

Exceptional Duty Award: Brad Echter, Mike Simons, and Heather Albrecht     

Life Saving Award: Jake Noltze, Nate Niehus, Christopher Eral, Brady Beach, Brennan Gill, Alex Keller, Sgt. Jeremy McClure, Paul Yaneff, and    James Kleinberg                                 

Volunteer Award: Sgt. Jeremy McClure 

Chiefs Appreciation Award: Colleen Goodwin, Daniel Ford, Marie Divis, Troy Frese, Terry Heck, Scheels, Meier Towing, Siouxland Dive & Rescue, Mike McClennen, Mark Aesoph, and Rita Donnelly