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Community Team Policing

Community Team Policing

Community Team Policing is the approach to community policing being utilized by the Sioux City Police to enhance the problem-solving capability of its officers.  The City of Sioux City is divided into nine distinct geographic patrol areas referred to as districts.  Each district is staffed by a team comprised of the officers that serve each district throughout the course of a day, and a Sergeant that oversees each district.  Lt. Brad Bollinger is the coordinator for the department's Community Policing efforts.  To report non-emergency neighborhood problems, please contact the Sergeant associated with your district.  

District 1:  Sergeant Terry Ivener - 712-898-4694
District 2:  Sergeant Dane Wagner - 712-898-4558
District 3:  Sergeant Tom Gill - 712-560-6887
District 4:  Sergeant Ryan Bertrand - 712-202-8303
District 5:  Sergeant Tyler Hartwell - 712-898-1547
District 6:  Sergeant Jay Hoogendyk - 712-898-5889
District 7:  Sergeant Lori Noltze - 712-253-3505
District 8:  Sergeant Todd Sassman - 712-389-5245
District 9:  Sergeant Mike Manthorne - 712-490-4279