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Interested in a career as a Sioux City Police Officer

Interested in a career as a Sioux City Police Officer?

The next application process is expected to be in May 2020


What are the requirements to become a Sioux City Police Officer? 
You must be able to pass a physical agility test which consists of a 1.5 mile run, 1 minute sit ups, 1 minute push ups, and sit and reach; written exam, background test, psychological test, and medical screening. 
ACCEPTABLE EXPERIENCE AND TRAINING: Completion of at least sixty hours of college credits from an accredited college or university, with a minimum grade point average of "C"; or four years of experience in the field of law enforcement as a federal law enforcement officer or as a certified or licensed police officer (certification or licensure must be by the appropriate agency of a state responsible for certifying or licensing police officers) or four years of active duty military experience in the U.S. Armed Services and an honorable discharge; or any equivalent combination of experience and education which provides the required knowledge, skills, and abilities.

The Sioux City Police Department generally accepts applications once every 12 months, with the next projected application process is expected to open in May of 2020.  Check for updates. 

What is the process for joining the Sioux City Police Department?

Once the application process starts, people interested in joining the SCPD can fill out an application online. Applications that qualify will be offered a physical fitness test which is usually held in the morning. After passing the physical fitness test, applicants will then take the written POST Test. Once the written is passed, a background investigation will be conducted on candidates who passed the first two tests. They will then be scheduled for an oral interview with the Civil Service Board.

What is the starting pay and benefits package for the SCPD?

The department pays based on a salary schedule and each step is based on years of service and education. Candidates who are hired by the SCPD with no previous experience start at $51, 346.27 a year. New officers with that have been certified in the State of Iowa or possess a Bachelor’s degree start at $61,619.96 a year. After three years of service, officers with a bachelors degree or after six years of service without a degree, yearly salaries start at $75,452.35. The department also officers health, dental, and optional vision insurance plans. for retirement, the department is part of the Municipal Fire and Police Retirement System of Iowa and also offer a deferred compensation match of 2%.