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Photo Enforcement

Photo Enforcement

DRIVE R.I.T.E. (Red-Light Intersection Traffic Enforcement) & S.A.V.E. Lives (Speed Automated Violation Enforcement)

The City of Sioux City uses cameras to enforce traffic laws at certain intersections in the city and on the I-29 corridor within the city limits. We want people to drive safely and the cameras help by affecting driver’s behaviors to increase compliance with our traffic laws.

intersections to have cameras placed on them were identified based on accident data, officer identified trouble spots and intersection issues that precluded traditional enforcement methods. The intersections that the cameras were placed on were surveyed for a twelve hour period before their implementation. After photo enforcement started on the selected intersections, red light violations dropped dramatically at all but one intersection.

Since 2006, on I-29 in Sioux City, there have been over 200 accidents in which someone was injured. Tragically, there have also been 13 lives lost. With construction on I-29, it is very difficult, if not nearly impossible in some locations, for officers to safely enforce speed limits on the interstate. The use of speed cameras has given us an effective means of enforcing speed laws and lowering the number of violators on I-29. In a survey of speed violators on I-29, there were 11,414 cars traveling at least 11 mph over the speed limit in a 12 hour period before the cameras were implemented. In the first six months of the cameras being present on I-29, 1,740,172 cars passed the cameras and only 9,795 were 11 mph or greater over the speed limit. More importantly, there has been a decline in accidents reported on I-29. There has also been a decline in accidents. 



5th St & Court St (East Bound)

Cheyenne Blvd & Outer Dr (South Bound)

Gordon Dr. & S. Fairmount St (West Bound)

Gordon Dr & S. Palmetto (West Bound)

Sergeant Rd & S. Lakeport (East Bound)

Singing Hills & S. Lewis (West Bound)


I-29 Corridor (North and South Bound Lanes)


10.12.065 Failure to Stop for a Red Light: $100.00

10.12.080 Excessive Speed over the Posted Speed Limit: $100.00 and up.

Violations issued are Civil Violations and are not reported to the State that issued the violator’s license or to their insurance company.


When a violation is recorded by one of the cameras, a Sworn Sioux City Police Officer reviews that violation and approves it to be issued. A notice of the violation is sent to the registered owner of the vehicle with pictures of the violation and a link to view a video of the violation. Once a driver receives the violation there are different options available to handle the violation.

1. Pay the civil penalty: The driver or owner of the vehicle can pay the penalty.

2. Nominate another: If the registered owner was not operating the vehicle at the time of the violation, they can notify the Sioux City Police Department of who the driver was and the violation will be forwarded to them.

3. Appeal & Court Appearance: If the violator wishes to appeal the violation, they request to speak to a photo enforcement Officer. After hearing the reason for the violation, the Officer can decide to rescind the violation or deny the appeal. Should the appeal be denied and the violator wishes to go to court, an appearance before a Judge will be arranged. 


To speak with a Photo Enforcement Officer, call 712-224-5181.  

Failure to respond using one of the above options will result in issuance of a municipal infraction citation. In addition to the civil penalty, court costs of $85.00 and a service charge of $50.00 will be assessed.

For questions regarding payment, contact Sioux City DRIVE RITE (Red Light Intersection Traffic Enforcement) PROGRAM Customer Service Call Center toll free at 1-877-847-2338 Monday thru Friday between 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. (MST).