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SCPD receives life-saving supplies




SCPD receives life-saving supplies

Jeremy McClure

The Sioux City Police Department received a donation of tourniquets, chest seals, and a severe bleed training kit from The Service Area 3B Healthcare Coalition on Feb. 28. The items were purchased with funding from the BETS All-hazard Emergency Preparedness and Response System Development Grant.

“The intention is to train officers to be able to treat victims prior to EMS arrival or to begin treatment when the scene is too dangerous for EMS,” said Aimee Uhl, Emergency Preparedness Grant Coordinator with Siouxland District Health Department.

“The tourniquets are used to help stop severe bleeding from such things as gunshots and lacerations,” said Officer Jennifer Probasco, lead medical trainer for the department.

The tourniquets are placed over a victim’s arm or leg and then tighten so that blood flow is stopped which prevents death due to blood loss. The chest seals are also carried by officers and help treat injuries to the chest of victims by covering punctures and preventing lungs from collapsing.

Also presented was a sever bleeding training kit which includes training tourniquets and bandages as well a prop that simulates injuries to a human.

“The trainer will allow officers to have hands on practice with available first aid items on simulated injuries,” explained Probasco.

Over the last two years, officers with the department have been trained on treating traumatic injuries they may encounter when responding to assaults or accidents. They have also been equipped with first aid kits that contain the tourniquets, chest seals, and other first aid supplies.

Officers have used this equipment to help save several lives since receiving the training, explained Probasco.